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India on your mind and your business plan?


Business Services

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

What Terabay gets for your business 

  • A Result oriented approach, we help you execute, not just advise. ​

  • Team with rich experience and have helped many global organisation in the past few years successfully. ​


  • A Flexible Outlook. We understand that all businesses are unique and we ensure that we align to your business objectives 

  • Very experienced Subject Matter Experts


  • As a team we are eager to pursue new challenges and quickly adapt to them.​


  • We understand the importance of speed in business and ensure that we keep to your pace. 

Startup Enablement Services

With the economy growing and the start up ecosystem booming, founders are often challenged with multiple areas that need attention. startup founders have good ideas but really grapple with quantifying them and also creating them into tangible plans and also taking them to market and executing them. at Terabay we have worked with many startups and helped them through the process, be it building their business plan or their go to market strategy. 

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Trust our experts to help you execute your dreams and help them get executed





The Services We Provide

Our Business Service Stack 

Business Function

With our Business Function Partnership we manage a function or a process for your business

Startup Enablement

We have helped startups through the journey, from the inception to the operations

Business Expansion

We help you expand your business to new geographies and verticals


India Gateway is a platform for companies looking into establishing their presence in India.  Terabay will help you through the cycle and offer you right guidance through the process and work with you through the entire cycle right from the initial feasibility study, creating business models and executing them to operations.

Terabay will ensure that you meet your India objectives with Ease


As businesses and operations expand, companies grapple with the growing demand of customers and have to constantly enhance their offerings. One of the challenges that they face is to buy services with the right cost and quality. At Terabay we help companies find the right service providers who are aligned to meet your business needs 

Terabay helps you through the lifecycle and ensures that you get what you want.


Business development is a portfolio created  to access a certain idea or product in the relevant market and get the feedback from the audience and help you with the complete go to market strategy

We at Terabay can manage the entire lifecycle and give you all the support to establish yourself in the market

Our Business Expansion Portfolio

The Business Expansion portfolio at Terabay is created keeping in mind the needs and operational challenges of global companies. We understand the need of constantly keeping up to the change, the continuous demands of customers that demand you to look at expansions be it both in terms of partnerships or geographies

We at Terabay through our expertise can help you in the many ways to ensure that you can expand your business with ease and in the most efficient of ways

The Business Function Partnership 

We at Terabay we can manage and efficiently run the processes for you and ensure that you focus on the core areas. We customise the offering and work with you to ensure that we meet your business objectives 

As businesses grow and expand, often they are challenged with the speed of the growth and also the complexity of managing the change, They are often looking at partners who can manage and run some of their non-core processes and they can focus on the core objectives. 

Our Business Services Portfolio

Get your business further with Terabay. We are an organisation focused on the global business with an aim to help and support them to enhance services and also to expand reach and build business in new geographies.Over the past few years we have helped companies build new businesses and expand their portfolio with ease. 

Trust on our experts to help you execute your priorities and optimise your operations.

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