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Terabay's Learning and Development Vertical
We look forward to collaborate with your teams and be a part of the constant learning journey

In a constantly changing business environment and with technology rapidly upgrading, businesses are faces with the challenge of keeping up with the change and also enhancing the skills of their people. At Terabay we help you harness this change to your advantage and ensure that your teams are updated and motivated. 

Training and Development Services

Allow Terabay a chance

Need a partner who can undertand your organisation and implement learning objectives

Every success story is a tale of constant adaptation, revision and change.

A company that stands still will soon be forgotten

Our Learning and Development Expertise


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Our L&D Philosophy

Training and development has always been important to employees but it has arguably never been more so than it is today. Has a compelling L&D offering taken on near essential status for employers looking to attract, engage and retain the best people? And, if so, what might this look like for forward-looking organisations?


Furthermore, trends such as increased automation and other technology and workplace advances continue to have implications for job roles and skills needed. Quite naturally, employees and companies will need to keep up with such changes to remain competitive.


This is exactly where we come in and work with you on every step of the learning journey to ensure that we are making the learning and development and also aligned to meet the following business objectives

  • Organizing around outcomes not tasks to ensure the proper focus is maintained

  • Fostering a learning Culture

  • Identifying needs and enable self-led learning

  • Creating a career blueprint for employees

  • Investing in creating your own coaches

  • Offer learning choices

  • Encouraging collaborative learning

Step 1: Design

This involves Designing of specific programs and making Learning relevant

Step 2: Deliver

This involves finalising method of Delivery for conducting the training program.

Step 3: Evaluate

This involves evaluation of Programs using different methods and ensuring objectives are met

Step 4: Improve

Here we deep dive into the evaluation results and then implement the changes to ensure all objectives are met 

Our L&D Approach

What Terabay gets for your business 

  • Team of  trainers with diverse experience and skill set to meet your needs ​

  • strong experience across verticals to handle multiple training and development needs 

  • Extensive experience of all the team members (average 12-18 years).

  • Very experienced Subject Matter Experts


  • Inclusive approach with the team members to ensure that learning outcomes are met. 

  • Best practices understanding having served clients across verticals and industries. 

  • Preferred training partner for large corporates and have implemented programs across regions

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