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Submarine Cable Services

Trust Terabay and its expertise in this domain

you see water,
we see an ocean of opportunites 

Our Undersea Cable Services Portfolio
We help organizations build and operate efficient and reliable telecommunications networks. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure that your critical infrastructure is built to your exact specifications.

At Terabay, we specialize in submarine cable services, offering not only expert knowledge and solutions, but also complete project management and operational support. We understand the importance of communication infrastructure and work tirelessly to ensure that your network is strong and reliable. Trust us to help you stay connected.

The Services We Provide

Our Submarine Cable 

Cable Feasibility

Once your plan is ready, you need to check the feasibility on alot of components and with our experience we help you achieve that. 

Cable Procurement

Basis the business plan we get your cable aspirations sorted, be it being in a consortium, a private cable or building a new one, we cover it all. 

Cable Business Plan

The key to a good Submarine Cable decision is to ensure that the business plan is robust and resilient, and we help you achieve this 

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Our Submarine Cable Business & Partnerships Portfolio

Welcome to Terabay, where we offer expert telecom consultancy services, specializing in submarine cable systems. Our team is dedicated to helping telecommunications operators to achieve their goals, and we do this by providing custom tailored solutions to meet their operational and commercial requirements. With years of experience in leadership roles in submarine cable business, our team is the ideal partner for any telecom operator looking to optimize their partnership portfolio. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Trust Terabay in this niche field with its years of experience in Cable Build, Partnerships and pre-sales to help you sail through with ease! 


We understand that planning a successful cable landing in foreign areas requires careful consideration and a lot of complex planning. That’s why our team of experts is dedicated to helping ensure that your project is a success. With years of experience in the telecommunications industry, we have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon to help make your cable landing go smoothly. We work with clients globally and help them find the best partners for their projects

Terabay will ensure that you get the right landing partners for you globally


At Terabay, we specialize in providing services to telecom companies for building, laying and maintaining cable systems. We understand that building a cable system is a long and complex process that requires multiple work-streams to come together. That's why we offer project management services that help you achieve your timelines and goals. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you develop strategies and plans that are tailored to your specific needs.

Terabay helps you through the journey and ensures your timelines are met. 


In today's telecom industry, finding the right buyers for your cable is just as important as designing and manufacturing it. At Terabay, we specialize in presales and business development, helping you find the ideal clients for your cable project. We have extensive experience working with telecom companies around the world and are known for our expertise, professionalism, and commitment to client satisfaction. ​

We at Terabay can manage the entire lifecycle and give you all the support to establish yourself in the market

What Terabay gets for your business 

Depth and Understanding of the Submarine Cable business

Depth of understanding of the business having managed multiple facets of the Telecom business across the years we have been in service

Experienced team with rich experience in this field 

Team with rich experience and have helped many global organisation in the past few years successfully. 

A Flexible approach to meet your needs 

A Flexible Approach. We understand that all businesses are unique and we ensure that we align to your business objectives

Deep connect across geographies  

Connect across Geographies in the telecom domain and understanding of business across geographies

Execution Capability for the business 

Execution capability, we just dont advise and move away, we work with you through the journey

Lets have a chat, we will be happy to support you

Planning a new Submarine Cable 

The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow

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