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Telecom Services

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Our Success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning

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are you a telecom company looking to monetise assets?

The Services We Provide

Our Telecom Services 

Network Procurement

Terabay can help with  the dynamic requirements of the customers of service providers and continually reduce cost and build networks. 


Businesses are looking at partners to help them further their objectives, bAt Terabay we help you find the right partners as per your need

Capacity Sales

Terabay will help you go to market with your product. We will help you identify the right target audience and pitch the same with our team of experts.

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Want to take a Service to Telecom Service Providers?

What Terabay gets for your business 

Depth and Understanding of the business

Depth of understanding of the business having managed multiple facets of the Telecom business across the years we have been in service

Experienced team with rich experience

Team with rich experience and have helped many global organisation in the past few years successfully. 

A Flexible approach to meet your needs 

A Flexible Approach. We understand that all businesses are unique and we ensure that we align to your business objectives

Deep connect across geographies  

Connect across Geographies in the telecom domain and understanding of business across geographies

Execution Capability for the business 

Execution capability, we just dont advise and move away, we work with you through the journey

The India Last Mile Connectivity is often challenging for a lot of companies. At Terabay we have worked with our partners and can offer multiple solutions across different media to ensure that we cover even the remotest of places. We have successfully deployed solutions across the geography. 

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With our service portfolio, we can offer multiple and diverse forms of connectivity across India. 

India Access Services 

Our Telecom Services Portfolio
With our experience in this field we can intervene and look at all the aspects of the business and propose changes and execute the same along with the teams. We just dont give solutions, we solve problems

The Telecom Services portfolio at Terabay is created by us to help Telecom businesses transform from the current situation and build further. Often we are challenged by situations of either building a new business line, or looking at the existing setup to see how companies can do better with either our revenues or our customer satisfaction.

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