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Process and Quality Services

Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident. 

APJ Abdul Kalaam

Perhaps we can help here

Do your current processes

look like this?

Our Process and Quality Vertical
If this sounds like you, we have the right interventions to solve your business impediments.

The processes are changing all the time. It’s hard to keep track. We made a big effort to map things out. But the results weren’t comprehensive and it is already out of date.  We need a partner to help document our processes and make them accessible to everyone in the team 

The Journey to excellence

Our Process and Quality Vertical Expertise

Six Sigma Deployment
Process Designing, Audit & Re-engineering
Operational Excellence Interventions
Processes  Transformation, Project Management
Process Improvement, TPM  TQM, Kaizen
Customer Satisfaction Improvement program
Change management interventions
Quality management system Implementation
Integrated Management Systems

These are some of the areas that we have collaborated with our clients over the years, 

Our Philosophy

Managing business processes is a huge challenge in most organizations. Businesses aren’t investing enough efforts in streamlining their business processes largely due to the rapid growth that they are witnessing or the lack of resources and expertise to take on the task.


This is exactly where we come in and work with you on every step of the journey to ensure that we are making the processes lean and also aligned to meet your business objectives.

  • Organizing around outcomes not tasks to ensure the proper focus is maintained

  • Correcting and improving processes before (potentially) automating them;

  • Establishing processes and assigning ownership lest the work and improvements simply drift

  • Standardizing processes across the enterprise so they can be more readily understood and managed, errors reduced, and risks mitigated

  • Enabling continuous change so the improvements can be extended and propagated over time

  • Improving existing processes,

01. Business Process Management

We help you through the entire lifecycle of your business process to ensure that you meet your business objectives

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02. Process Reengineering and Improvement

Our experts engage with your teams and understand the ”As is” process, understand the gaps and requirements and create new processes to meet your business needs

03. Organizational Process Health score card 

We work with the teams in your organisation to design a process health score card that measures how processes are working in the operations, so that they can be measured and corrective actions taken

04. Process Training and Coaching

Processes are no good if they just lie in documents. We help organisations not only create these processes but also ensure that the processes are percolated down to the teams, understood and executed

05. 5S Training and Implementation

5s is a way of life and we have helped many organisations to not only learn about the ways 5S can bring in a change but also have helped them deploy it.  

06. Process certification preparation

Today businesses are often required to have certifications to ensure that their customers know that they comply with the best policies. We at Terabay help organisations prepare and build for these certifications

Terabay's Process Interventions 

The Process Journey 

Step 01

Understand the as is process, the gaps and the map them to the business requirements 

Step 02

Create or Amend the process as per the needs and get sign off

Step 03

Get the process implemented as per scope also support in the training and coaching of teams

Step 04

Check effectiveness of the process and improve or correct the gaps

What Terabay gets for your business 

  • Team of ‘Hands On experience” professionals and not from pure consulting background​

  • Solid understanding of real implementation issues & practical problems faced by operations teams.

  • Extensive experience of all the team members (average 12-18 years).

  • Very experienced Subject Matter Experts


  • Intense engagement at the highest level of organisation providing high priority and focus.

  • Best practices understanding having served clients across verticals and industries. 

  • Completed ISO9001, 14001, 180019, 27001, 20k, TL9000, IMS etc compliant process documentation and implementation for varied businesses and companies

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